Politics aside (North Korea pretty obviously uses these reunions to demonstrate how “happy” their citizens are) the meetings between North and South Korean families torn apart by the Korean War are intensely moving:

“Some were anxious over whether they would recognize the faces of a child, spouse, sibling or parent after more than half a century had passed, in the first round of the 20th inter-Korean family reunions that will run until Thursday.

Lee, now 85, was accompanied by her and Oh’s son and daughter-in-law. Her eyes swelled with tears upon seeing her 83-year-old husband in a gray suit, a fedora hat and hearing aids.

Their 65-year-old son Oh Jang-kyun uttered the salutation ‘Father’ for the first time in 65 years.

‘I tried to live proud to be your son,’ said Oh, who was born during the war and never knew his father in North Korea. ‘We look alike.’”

I can’t imagine having only a few hours to see a loved one, knowing that you’ll never see them again.

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