Since Nobody Asked

I’ll be rooting for the Texas Rangers in the playoffs solely because a Korean dude, Choo Shin-soo, is one of their sluggers.  I do like how Toronto plays though, so I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if they made it through.  And I seriously still can’t grok how the Astros are an American League squad.

In the National League, I kind of follow the Dodgers but would also love to see the Cubs make it because, well, decades of mediocrity have to end some day don’t they?  (The Dodgers have a Korean ace in Ryu Hyu-jin, but he’s questionable to throw a pitch due to an injury that has kept him out all season.)

Honestly, as a beleaguered Baltimore Orioles fan it’s really more about who I root against than I do for, which I realize is sad and pathetic and I should just go volunteer for the Donald Trump campaign.  That said, thank the FSM that the Yankees are out, and fuck the Cardinals.

I would not be undone if the Mets happened to make a go of it either.

My final prediction, just for the hell of it?  L.A. beats Texas in six games for the World Series.

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