50 things an Englishman noticed living for six months in New York City.  Three of my favorites (they’re all pretty good though):

“39. Order a cup of tea in a cafe or restaurant and you will be confronted with a glass or mug of lukewarm water with a teabag of some alarming flavour, like pomegranate or boysenberry, floating sadly on the top like a punctured dinghy, and some “milk” that is probably 50% cream, delivered on request. I’m just going to say it once: the water needs to be at boiling point for the tea to infuse!!!”

Tea is for when you have a cold and only then.  Duh.

“40. Just order a cup of coffee. They know what they’re doing with coffee.”

You think Jesus drank tea?  No.  He only drank coffee.  And Mountain Dew.  And beer.  (What’s wine?)

“42. A plate of Doritos and some guacamole is considered a full meal.”

Again, just like Jesus did.  Duh.

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