Strawberry Shrimp Chips!

shrimp chips

One thing you find in South Korea is “suh-bi-su,” or the Konglish translation of “service.”  You pop into a convenience store (7-11 is big here) for some water or a Coke Zero (Korean Diet Coke!) and you come out with a pack of wet naps, or some pickled radishes, or in this case, some strawberry-coated shrimp chips.

It’s nice I guess, but almost every foreigner in South Korea has also had the dreaded experience of going to the counter and being told, literally, “You cannot leave!” because in addition to your Coke Zero you forgot to pick up your free little container of yogurt, or your free little cup of dried noodles, or your free little pack of salted peanuts.  And people are waiting in line behind you but no, either you the stupid ugly foreigner or the exasperated clerk needs to go back and find your complimentary item before you are legally allowed to complete your transaction.

It’s a complete fucking pain in the ass, to be honest.

To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg, “let’s not bring ink and paper into this.”

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