Late Summer in Busan



Busan, South Korea.

A four-day Chuseok holiday wasn’t quite enough to get out of the country, so I went down to Busan to hang out at the beach.  I didn’t pack a bathing suit which was a mistake, because it’s still pretty hot down there.






I was telling a friend that if I had to do it over, I’d have started my Korean adventure in this port city rather than Seoul.  I’ve come to love Daegu, but Busan is by far my favorite city in the country.  It’s got great weather, friendly people, and a much more relaxed vibe, comparatively speaking.

Still, nice to be back home in Daegu.  I’ll teach again starting Wednesday.

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2 Responses to Late Summer in Busan

  1. Lena says:

    LeBron James really must be the greatest of all time, because two playoffs in a row he’s had a triple-double treated like he stabbed soawone,mmttheesbunch,

  2. Great word there – “meaty.” Most mainline churches – and, for that matter, way too many evangelicals – are all cotton candy.“Demanding” is a good word too – give people a challenge.Good luck with your church hunt – and if you don’t ever set foot in a UMC (or any mainline) again, it’ll be their loss, not yours.

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