“whether there was mood-lighting involved”

Laurie Penny is indispensable on David Cameron and “Pig Gate”:

“I don’t honestly care whether or not David Cameron shagged a dead pig. I’ve been to enough house parties in Bethnal Green that this sort of thing doesn’t shock me. Come back to me when there’s video evidence of Cameron dressed in a leather gimp-suit tanned from the flayed skins of the former shadow cabinet, leaping into an entire Shropshire field full of pigs and screaming that his name is Legion. Then we’ll talk. There are a lot of things that David Cameron has definitely done that I do find disgusting, though. Taking away benefits from sick and disabled people, pricing poor kids out of higher education, and forcing millions of families to rely on food banks. That, to me, is shocking and grotesque. I don’t give a damn about what he did or didn’t do to that pig, and whether there was mood-lighting involved.”

The David Brooks line is that we live in a perfect meritocracy where, roughly speaking, the Protestant Work Ethic is what separates the rich from the poor, full stop.

The fact is, having attended an “elite” private high school*, that rich kids a) get up to more insane drug-and-sex stuff than most public school kids could ever dream of and b) if they do get caught, their parents can afford lawyers who are well paid to brush youthful indiscretions under the rug.  Literally, it’s their job.

I’ll definitely be trying to find video of the next session of Parliament, however.

*Speaking as a USian, where “private” means expensive and “public” means free.

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