I continue to make slow, laborious progress with my Korean.  I take a class every Saturday morning at the Daegu YMCA but alas, my next “level” (which honestly isn’t that high) isn’t being taught.

I’m surprised at how few options there are around here for part-time (i.e., non-college or graduate student) Korean learners.  Then again, it’s little ol’ Daegu, not Seoul.

Anyhow, I think my next step is going to be hiring a private tutor.  I really prefer a classroom setting because it keeps me honest.  I’ve done the language partner thing, and the informality of that setting tends to break down into chatty coffee talk.  (This is mostly my problem — I require the structure of a classroom setting, basically.)

Self-study?  Nope.  Again, I’m way too lazy to make substantive progress on my own.

Tutors are kind of expensive but I think it’s a good investment.  I’m even thinking of hiring one of my more mature college students.  He could use the money, and I could study right in my office where a lot of my Korean books already reside.

Last YMCA class is this Saturday.  I have to decide soon.

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