“infantilised idiots”

Granted, everything I know about fine dining comes from watching reruns of Hell’s Kitchen (the crappy U.S. version, natch) but this still seems like a blow for truth, justice, and the American way:

“These are the questions that, since March, Ross McGinnes has been asking via his We Want Plates Twitter account. To rail against pretentious restaurants’ ‘gastropub style-over-content nonsense’, he tweets photographs – largely submitted by his followers – of their more baffling presentation choices. Think casseroles served in jars, desserts that have been squished into plant pots, and fry-ups dolloped atop garden shovels. All of these are actual examples.

‘Restaurants are trying to stand out,’ sighs McGinnes, ‘but they’re just making their customers look like infantilised idiots while eating.’ His online lampooning has helped him to nigh-on 95,000 social media followers, and since We Want Plates became a bit of an ‘internet thing’, he’s done TV appearances and – such is the way of the web – had his content repurposed by all the top clickbait purveyors. He can now even get a meal served to his liking in Hebden Bridge – his home town – on the basis of his face alone. ‘I ordered a burger in a local pub a few weeks ago and the barman went: “I suppose you want that on a plate, yeah?”‘ he chuckles. ‘When I looked confused, he said: “I follow you on Twitter.””

Stop the madness, now.

(Bonus fact: Yesterday for lunch I ate a block of tofu straight out of the plastic container in which it came, with a little soy sauce on top.  Forgive me it was delicious.)

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2 Responses to “infantilised idiots”

  1. Aria says:

    so sweet and so cold?

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