Crazy Train

Republicans have been telling Americans for years that government is a hindrance, if not a literal enemy, to their health, success, and general well-being.

(Occupations of foreign countries don’t count, somehow.)

So the pearl-clutching around Donald Trump moving ever closer to winning the actual GOP nomination is pretty delicious.

Of course the inmates are going to vote for the two non-politicians (Trump and Carson) in the race.  You’ve been telling them that all politicians other than Saint Reagan are blood-thirsty leeches for decades now.

And of course, every time one of the “serious” candidates goes after Trump he only gets stronger.

This the new-normal for the GOP.  As a Democrat, I have plenty of issues with my own party but hey, the rather quaint notion that you should elect people who care about, let alone are good at, their jobs, is kind of a bedrock principle for most of us adults.

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