Documenting The Atrocities

I’m voting for Hillary and so should you.

That said, the rise of The Donald is most amazing thing I’ll ever witness in my lifetime in American politics.  Michael Tomasky gets it:

“Well, for people like me, this is definitely pass-the-popcorn time. What better entertainment could there possibly be than watching American conservatism being wrecked by a bunch of white nationalists?

American conservatism has spent decades winking at these kinds of groups and voters—denouncing them very occasionally when caught red-handed playing in the same sandbox, as when a white Southern Republican is forced to explain that gosh, he didn’t know the local citizens’ council was a white supremacist group; but for the most part courting these voters and stoking their anxieties through means sometimes subtle, sometimes not. So, let them tear each other apart.”

Trump isn’t an aberration, he’s a culmination of decades of racist, sexist, and anti-immigrant hysteria on the part of the G.O.P.  To see establishment figures like Bush and Walker simply wilt in the face of a guy who’s merely saying what their base has been thinking all these years is definitely a kind of poetry.

Then again, Hillary could easily blow this.  (To paraphrase my beloved father, “she could fuck up a wet dream.”)

It doesn’t help that a large part of the Washington press corps simply hates her and her husband and they always will.

But I’d be willing to bet ten bucks that she wins pretty easily come November 2016.  If Mitt Romney was battered by the 2012 primary, whoever emerges from the Republican clown car next year is going to be chopped to pieces and hemorrhaging cash.

But what I’ve also realized is that Trump would actually be far less horrible for America as president than, say, a guy who literally wants to double-down on his brother’s stupidity with regards to foreign occupations and tax cuts for Paris Hilton.

Donald Trump is a clownish buffoon.  Jeb and company are malevolant, clownish buffoons.

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One Response to Documenting The Atrocities

  1. Lynn says:

    Many many qutilay points there.

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