This Was The End

Between an awesome three weeks back in America and the glorious splendor of another new semester teaching college in Korea (most of my classrooms were unlocked for me this time!) I forgot to give my opinion that no one asked for about the season finale of True Detective, season two.

This shall not stand.

Ahem.  Well, if the first seven-and-a-half episodes had been as good as the last 30 minutes we’d be talking about one of the greatest shows ever.  So anyhow, I thought the final payoff was worth it and I’m a bit fonder of Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell than I was before the season started.  (Never really cared for anything they’d been in before.)  And  the idea that Bezzerides is now on the run from the Russian mafia /Feds with her new baby, all Lone Wolf And Cub style, is pretty damn awesome.

And now we get to speculate as to whether or not season three will even happen.  I’d be happy either way I guess — if they could pull off something approaching season one, awesome.  If not, the disappointment I felt for most of season two is easily dispensed with.

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