Parity Schmarity

Phil Hartup is awesome on video games.  And he’s really good on everything else apparently, including British soccer:

“The promised superstar players that are meant to help a club pull the ladder up after a top four finish never materialise. The quest for European glory turns into an ignominious and exhausting expedition, memorable but bruising for the threadbare squads of pretenders to the throne. The promising young players who could turn makeweights into competitors are lured away by rivals.

This is where it has gone wrong. It’s not inherently wrong that four clubs should rule the league for a season, it is wrong that four clubs should rule the league permanently, with nothing on the pitch or off it that can be done to shift them. Catch one of the Big Four on a bad day with your best game and you can beat them, of course, but they’ll still be the bigger club when the next transfer window rolls around. We all enjoy seeing the underdog have his day, to see elite sides laid low by the squads of misfit toys assembled by cash-strapped clubs, but this is all we’re ever going to get now.”

I’m a relative latecomer to soccer in general and the EPL in particular, with meager hopes that Tim Howard will finish out his career without too many horribly embarrassing moments at Everton.  But as much as I like the game it is amazing how little parity exists in that league and furthermore, that EPL fans don’t seem to care either way.

Of course, as broken as the NFL is when it comes to management (Deflate a ball?  Guillotine!  Beat the shit out of a woman?  No prob!) it’s a sign of health that the Seattles and New York Giants of the world can actually beat dynasties like New England and Pittsburgh when it counts.

We’ll always have doormats, obviously, but second-tier squads deserve their day in the sun.  How could you possibly watch any sport in the long-run, otherwise?

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