Hahoe Village, Andong



Some pictures from last year’s Andong Mask Festival.  Me and my friends started in downtown Andong at the festival grounds, but the real fun began at nearby Hahoe Folk Village.


I did my best to follow the story of this performance, which was a traditional comedy that involved freshly castrated bull testicles.  What I really enjoyed though was the music — very percussive and intense.


Another cool thing was the village itself, which is actually both a living history museum and a working set of farms.  The farmers did their best to obscure the satellite dishes on top of their straw thatched roofs.



Walking around the village you’ll see older residents carrying out traditional tasks like weaving and milling.

112There was an ancient town tree, upon which you could tie a wish.




Hahoe Village is famous for a visit from Queen Elizabeth, who called it “the most Korean place in Korea.”  And she’s probably right — it’s beautiful, interesting, peaceful, and just a bit cheesy.  Korea, indeed.

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2 Responses to Hahoe Village, Andong

  1. window says:

    I missed our preasent travel. Time went too fast.
    we are going to see next semaster soon.

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