Andong Mask Festival


South Korea loves a good festival, and one of the most famous is Andong’s Mask Festival, which is actually a dance festival showcasing both traditional Korean dance and more modern approaches.


These pics are actually from fall of 2014.


The festivities were split between two areas — the festival grounds here in downtown Andong city, and other events located at nearby Hahoe Folk Village.  (Famous for a visit from Queen Elizabeth in 1999, who reportedly called it “the most Korean place in Korea.”)


In addition to the dance performances, there was definitely a community vibe to the whole thing.  Tourists were plenty, but the locals were also ready for a good time.



Typical for a festival here, tons of local merchants set up shop selling everything from toys to booze to medicinal herbs and drinks.  Downtown Andong was hopping that morning, but the real fun started when we got to Hahoe Village.

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