Don’t Mess With Mom

Image from JoongAng Daily.

I love this picture — it’s a group of South Korean moms taste-testing military dishes.  The card says, quite literally, “Mother Monitoring Team.”

Military service is mandatory for Korean men.

But there have been a string of incidents of abuse recently, including spree shootings of fellow soldiers.

So while this image is kind of adorable, there’s also a fair amount of propaganda baked into those delicious-looking dumplings.  The South Korean military is desperate to allay the fears of parents who are worried that their sons might never come back from their two years of service.

What’s more comforting than a group of actual moms making sure their boys will be well fed on their two-year (and basically unpaid) adventure?

Super extra bonus: A list of controversies involving the military service (or lack thereof) of various Korean celebrities.

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