Summer Swing

Sleaford Mods, “Tarantula Deadly Cargo”

This is a sweet spot in the year for me — I’m only teaching my adult students, then going to America for three weeks in August.

My Korean class starts up again tomorrow morning.  I’ve been taking classes at the Daegu YMCA for a few years now and have generally had a great experience.  Our teacher changes with every session though, and there’s one particular teacher who I really didn’t care for.  My impression was that her background was totally in teaching kids, because there was lots of clapping and other kinesthetic feedback stuff built into her approach.

My INTP lizard brain prefers a much calmer and more visual approach.

But I’ve come to love my boring Saturdays here in Korea — class, then lunch with friends, then maybe a movie or some shopping.  Need some new lightweight shoes for summer but honestly, I’m probably better off just waiting until I visit America (size 12 monster feet ftw).

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