Whiny Foreigner Returns!

Is it worth bitching about the insanity of Korean management practices any longer?  No, but I want to.

So last week I entered my semester grades into the university computer system.  This week I’m supposed to wait for students to call me if they think their grade was in error, and then I have about five hours of (needless, redundant, asinine, and useless) paperwork.  Basically, I take the final results from the computer and then hand-write them back onto these stupid roster sheets that will be buried in a vault and never seen again until the FSM returns.

But some wizard in IT decided this would be the perfect week to upgrade us from Windows XP.  That is a good thing.  But the timing meant I didn’t have internet access in my office until just now, and I couldn’t log in to do my (needless, redundant, asinine, and useless) paperwork.

So I was supposed to have Friday off but now I don’t, because Korea.

I swear there’s nothing more sacred in this country than paperwork, and mindless busy work in general.  The appearance and various apparati of being busy trump actually getting things done, always.

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