“Far Louder Than Most”

Sonny Sharrock, Black Woman

Sonny Sharrock was an interesting guy.  He’s best known for writing and performing the theme music for Space Ghost Coast To Coast.  But he came out of free jazz and is responsible for some deeply weird, deeply amazing music like his 1969 album Black Woman.

Sonny Sharrock, “Hit Single”

In addition to shredding like a maniac on his black Les Paul Custom, scientifically recognized as the sexiest of all guitars, he incorporated discordant piano and female vocals bordering on screams.

Last Exit, “Destination — Out”

In the 80’s and 90’s he performed in free jazz freak-out supergroup Last Exit, which gives us this gem of a sentence from Wikipedia:  “Far louder than most jazz bands (even than most free jazz groups) Last Exit found a modest following among some more open-minded hardcore punk fans.”

Not just punk fans mind you, but open-minded hardcore punk fans — the ones who kicked your aunt down a flight of stairs to steal her copy of Carlos Castaneda.

Sonny Sharrock w/ Elvin Jones, Pharaoh Sanders, Charnett Moffett, “Who Does She Hope To Be?”

Absolutely uncompromising, gorgeous music all around.  Music that stops on a dime between insane chaos and utter beauty.

Perfect music for a rainy Friday in Daegu.

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