“I’ve Got Class Like Pink Champale”

Beastie Boys, “Ch-Check It Out” live

It’s Children’s Day here in lurvely Daegu, South Korea, and the weather is perfect.  I had a marathon day of grading midterms yesterday and I’m more tired than I should be, but I managed to exercise and listen to some great music and almost do some much needed laundry.  Almost.

Also, I’m nearly finished with the second book of Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy.  I was kind of meh about the first book, but the second one is doing something very different that’s creepy as hell and brilliant.

I’m wondering if it’ll ever get made into a movie.  There are some really great “visual” moments so far.  And by “great” I mean totes unheimlich.

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One Response to “I’ve Got Class Like Pink Champale”

  1. ketaninkorea says:

    Woo! I love the Beastie Boys!

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