“Broken Peoples’ Policy”

Not that anybody needs to be reminded that Wolf Blitzer is a moron and CNN is a network for very stupid people, but this Jeb Lund piece is worth it:

“For another, we can all understand a thing on fire or a thing destroyed, because we all to some extent own things. There is an immediate calculable worth or sympathy to the destruction of a property, and almost always our attitude toward that property’s purpose is neutral, meaning that its destruction can always be fascinating but can quite often be pitiable as well. We can project the relative worth of our things onto any property and gain a sense of proportion as to what was lost. Moreover, the destruction of a thing can rarely be blamed on the thing itself, making it (usually) morally neutral and the harm brought to it almost always the agency of someone else. This, amongst other reasons, is why we have a ‘Broken Windows’ police policy instead of a ‘Broken Peoples’ policy. We implicitly understand that someone broke a window, and that it is not the window’s fault. Fixing broken windows is good. A broken person can be blamed on just about anything, but in a pinch, we make it easy on ourselves and just blame them. Fixing them is now a moral hazard.”

It’s really very simple to see how awful the American media is.  Just spend a week reading The Guardian instead.  Or even BBC.

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