In Europe you have the phenomenon of the “Ugly American.”  In Asia, it’s quickly becoming the “Ugly Chinese Tourist”:

“China’s economy has boomed over the past decade, expanding the ranks of its middle-class who are hungry for foreign travel after the country’s decades of isolation in the last century.

Chinese travellers took 100 million ‘outbound’ trips – including to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan – last year, according to official figures.

But the surge of wanderlust has left some officials back home red-faced and the blacklist is the latest of China’s efforts to control its citizens behaviour abroad.

Chinese tourists were reported to have outraged locals in Thailand this year by drying underwear in an airport, defecating in public and kicking a bell at a temple.”

One thing you’ll hear sometimes in South Korea is a fear that Chinese people are “taking over” Jeju Island, one of the country’s top tourist sites.  People like the money that comes with tourism from China, but they’re also buying up a lot of the real estate there.

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