Well, this is depressing.  A small group of Vietnamese survivors of U.S. and South Korean military atrocities were scheduled to visit Seoul.  Then this happened:

“An event with survivors of civilian massacres by South Korean troops during the Vietnam War is running into difficulties after its original venue was canceled over fierce objections from veterans’ groups.

The groups warned of their plans to ‘close down’ the event, which they called an ‘act against the nation by subversives who are distorting history.'”

These veterans sure are classy:

“In June 2000, members of KAVOA broke into the Hankyoreh [newspaper] offices and attempted to start a fire while damaging printing equipment, cars, and computers to protest an article by the weekly Hankyoreh 21 magazine containing the first reports of civilian massacres in South Korean troop areas during the Vietnam War. Leading members of the group visited the newspaper to apologize after the perpetrators were arrested.”

But at least a professor at Seoul National University understands the glaring hypocrisy of what’s going on here:

“Park Tae-gyun, a professor at the Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies, warned that South Korea ‘won’t be able to resolve its historical issues with Japan if it can’t resolve its own Vietnam War issues.’

‘To hear the stories of Vietnamese survivors is not to deny the sacrifice made by veterans,’ Park added. ‘They are asking for a state apology so that they too are recognized as victims.’”

Bingo.  Don’t ever expect an apology from Japan for comfort women if you won’t acknowledge your own brutal mistakes.

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