A couple of Vietnamese survivors of war crimes are coming to visit South Korea.  But the perpetrators weren’t American, they were South Korean:

“Nguyen Thi Thanh lost five family members when her mother, older sister, younger brother, aunt, and cousin were killed by Blue Dragon division members in her village. Her older brother was maimed, while Nguyen herself suffered a severe gunshot wound to her abdomen that left her entrails protruding from her body – an injury that required a year of hospital treatment.

In a statement prepared in advance of the visit, the two lifelong victims of painful memories and trauma said the ‘sounds of the massacre live on in our minds, the memories of the brutal massacre and the tortured screaming.’

‘We hope that our visit will result in a deep discussion of the Vietnam War in South Korea,’ they added.”

South Korean combat units were some of the most highly decorated and lauded during the Vietnam War.  And in a war where body counts were held up as examples of progress, it’s no surprise that South Korean troops were involved in multiple massacres of civilians.

There’s even a Vietnamese derogatory term — Lai Dai Han — for mixed race Vietnamese Koreans, many of whom were born out of the rape of Vietnamese women.

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