Classroom Grifters

Apparently, “right leaning” teachers in South Korea are pissed off that they can no longer accept bribes from parents:

“The country’s largest right-leaning education organization on Thursday denounced an order issued this week by the Seoul education authority that strictly prohibits teachers from accepting bribes from parents, otherwise known here as chonji.”

The source of anguish?  Passing the law tarnishes the very dignity of said teachers:

“The Korea Federation of Teachers’ Associations (KFTA) subsequently requested that Seoul Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon apologize for publicly regarding all educators as ‘potential perpetrators,’ arguing that teachers already attempt to foster a morally sound atmosphere.

‘Given that teachers are required to have a relatively higher level of morality, we’ve been making efforts to create a more transparent culture by establishing an ethics charter in 2005,’ KFTA Chairman Ahn Yang-ok said at a rally Thursday morning in front of the capital city’s education office. ‘The overall majority of teachers are not accepting chonji [teacher bribes] at all.’”

Something could very well be lost in translation, but it seems as if he’s saying a) some teachers still do take bribes, b) everyone knows it, and c) passing a law against said bribes is bad because it hurts the delicate fee-fees of all teachers, including the ones still taking bribes.

I have no idea how to process this.

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One Response to Classroom Grifters

  1. D.F. Wharton says:

    Not surprised. Sounds like Michelle Rhee came to town

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