ZOMG Graffiti Punks!

Iggy Pop w/ Teddybears, “Punk Rocker”

There’s something delightfully over-the-top and utterly South Korean about this story of a few subway cars that got tagged, supposedly by foreigners:

“Another graffiti artist conjectured, ‘It is likely that foreigners who used to practice graffiti art are working as English teachers during the day and painting at night.’

No foreigner has been caught by police for defacing the trains, possibly because they have left the country quickly like the Australian group. Property damage is not a serious enough crime to try to extradite them.”

Um, even the police have stated that the culprits have already left the country.  And, um, you’re a Korean graffiti artist yourself, and you’re still saying it had to be the white devils?  Also, they could have been tourists, or they could have been teachers, but they could not have been both.

Given that Korean hip-hop is a thing, it’s adorable that so-called “experts” can’t possibly imagine an actual Korean person appropriating graffitti from their favorite sub-culture.

But it gets better:

“’It appears that the designs of our subway stations have been spread among foreign graffiti artists,’ said Kim, ‘because the graffiti is being done in certain stations such as Wangsimni Station [four times] and Geumjeong Station [three times].’”

Yes.  Next to nuclear missile silos and Dick Cheney’s secret sex dungeon, subway stations are by far the the most secretive and inscrutable places in the entire universe.

But it’s nice to have a good old fashioned foreigner panic article going around the Korean press yet again.  It’s been too long!

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