Chiang Mai: Durian Ice Cream


Behold: the ice cream version of Asia’s notoriously stinky fruit, durian!


I can’t be the only foreigner who somehow thought that I, the chosen one, would be the first outsider to truly appreciate the subtle complexities of this “divisive fruit.”  And hey, it’s in ice cream form so what could possibly go wrong?

079But alas, this stuff is truly vile on every level.  The closest analogy for the flavor would be “rotten dismembered foot still in sneaker.”

I got through about one third of this modest portion before the flavor started to fully “blossom” and I had to chuck it.

Sorry durian, but even though I’ve been known to chow down on grilled pig intestines about once a month, and I’ve also imbibed the occasional cricket, your odorous charms are just too much for me.

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