Good Riddance

Paul Krugman gets the last word on the supposed influence of Andrew Sullivan:

“I see from Ezra Klein that Andrew Sullivan says that he’s stopping blogging; Klein and others are offering various encomiums. You’ll pardon me if I don’t join in. You see, I remember Sullivan declaring that the “decadent left” was poised to become a fifth column in the war on terror — and of course I remember the campaign of character assassination he waged against yours truly for daring to criticize his then-beloved George W. Bush and his wars. If he ever apologized for any of that, I never heard about it.

But never mind. What was interesting in Ezra’s piece was the suggestion that a golden age of blogging, in which blogs were a personal conversation between the blogger and the audience, has passed. That seems to me to be an incomplete story, both about the past and about the present.

One one side, I think you’re missing a crucial part of the history of political blogging if you fail to acknowledge the importance, back in the early 2000s, of right-wing warbloggers — which is where Sullivan started. You hardly hear about most of these people now, but for a while cheering on the Rumsfeld doctrine and giving it to lily-livered liberals was a big part of what the blogosphere — certainly the part given any attention by mainstream news media — was about.”

He made his bones professionally as a Clinton-hater.  He made them online as the worst sort of chickenhawk.  He went on to require a staff of nine different people to basically link to Metafilter, with the occasional pants-wetting session or dick pic.  He was a pimp for the worst, most ridiculous forms of racist pseudo-science.

He was a dull person’s idea of an interesting writer.  If Iraq had managed to not be a complete clusterfuck (impossible, natch) he would never have apologized for a damn thing.  He only got religion when it was politically convenient for him to do so.

Basically, he was a cowardly, kind-racist, definitely sexist, twit.  Good riddance.

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