Pity The Well-Paid Librul

Alex Pareene on poor, poor Jonathan Chait:

“Chait, like many liberal commentators with his background, is used to writing off left-wing critics and reserving his real writerly firepower for (frequently deserving) right-wingers. That was, for years, how things worked at the center-left opinion journalism shops, because it was simply assumed that no one important—no one who really matters—took the opinions of people to the left of the center-left opinion shop seriously. That was a safe and largely correct assumption. But the destruction of the magazine industry and the growth of the open-forum internet have amplified formerly marginal voices. Now, in other words, writers of color can be just as condescending and dismissive of Chait as he always was toward the left. And he hates it.”

And for the umpteenth time, Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Criticism, let alone Freedom to Get Paid For Your Speech.

I get that Republicans, pants-wetting outrage howler monkeys that they are, will never understand this.

But Chait is a smart guy.  A smart guy with huge fucking blind spots when it comes to race and privilege, but a smart guy nonetheless.  It’s a shame he’s allowing his seething resentment to overcome his mostly good brains.

Also, if you were “for” Iraq (i.e., absolutely, terribly fucking wrong) you still get to talk about other wars.  Yay!  But us plebes are allowed to remind you, whenever we want, that you were, ya know, absolutely, terribly fucking wrong about Iraq.  There is no statute of limitations on you having been so absolutely, terribly fucking wrong about Iraq.

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