Dog Politics

While the consumption of dog meat is trending downward in Korea, it’s still a thing.  Some Koreans are even turning the tables on American organizations like the Humane Society, claiming that they don’t rescue Korean farm dogs, but actually exploit them for profit:

“The owner of the dog farm in Ilsan was already in the blueberry business and was raising the dogs on the side, Jang told CBS Park Jae-hong’s News Show, a local radio program, raising questions over the group’s narrative regarding the saved canines.

The former Korean animal rights worker also suggested that the group’s intention was to use the rescue to amass funding.

‘As far as I know, they can get a large amount of donations from anywhere in the [United States] if they bring these dogs over to their country,’ he said during an interview with the program.

‘Even stray dogs are labeled as farm dogs when they go overseas and are used to attract publicity for donations.’”

A little context: Koreans who eat dog meat believe that the only proper way to butcher the animal is to string it up and beat it to death with a stick, still alive, to tenderize the meat.  And that’s awful, of course.

But there’s no denying the air of White Knight-ness when a Western organization comes to “rescue” 23 dogs when the U.S. is pretty much the epicenter of global factory farming, something that’s inhumane for animals and also pretty wretched for the environment as well.

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