In South Korea, “Nut-Gate” continues apace as Cho Hyun-ah, former V.P. of Korean Airlines and daughter of the company founder, has been arrested:

“Cho had resigned as the airline’s vice-president for cabin service four days after a national uproar over her conduct aboard a Seoul-bound Korean Air flight from New York on December 5.

Cho, the eldest daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho, had forced the plane to return to the gate and kicked off the chief flight attendant because she had been served nuts in a bag, not on a plate. Cho said the crew did not follow the proper procedure for serving nuts to first-class passengers.

The flight was subsequently returned to the gate, causing an 11-minute delay in its arrival at Seoul’s main gateway, Incheon International Airport. More than 250 passengers were on board.”

I mean, I won’t cry into my New Year’s Eve champagne over this but at the same time I don’t really see the point.  And I’m still confused as to the jurisdictional issue here — how do Seoul prosecutors arrest somebody on charges from JFK Airport?

It looks as if they’re going after her for a cover-up of evidence, but this is definitely going to be a token blood-letting with little long-term effect.  Because Korea.

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