IMO, Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig has written the best piece on the UVA gang rape allegations so far:

“No matter which poison you pick, the Rolling Stone piece has irrecoverably degenerated into a story about a particular event on a particular date, and it’s unlikely we can reverse that now. Erdely’s heavy-handed reliance on the narrative of one specific crime for the entirety of her argument invited this misdirection, which is the problem underlying all her other mistakes.

The damage has been immeasurable. Advocates for victims of sexual assault at UVA have already come forward claiming that their campus activism has been much discredited. UVA social media outlets are now replete with frat triumphalism, from which no possible good can come. Publications that supported Erdely’s account during the first hint of skepticism must now decide how to gracefully walk it back.”

When it comes to how we treat women and minorities in America, 2014 will be the year we look back upon as pretty much the Great Leap Backwards.

Shit is fucked up and bullshit, indeed.

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