No Apologies

It’s depressing to see the Rolling Stone story about an alleged gang-rape at UVA fall apart.  Most importantly, it’s only going to further intimidate women into keeping silent about the patterns of sexual assault on American campuses and elsewhere.

But even if “Jackie’s” story isn’t real, it doesn’t undermine the numerous women at UVA who have been murdered and raped recently.  It doesn’t undermine the fact that rape culture is a thing, and women’s bodies are violated while far too often men are given a pass, or even encouragement, to do these things.

As a graduate (albeit as a graduate student, not an undergrad) I still firmly believe that as an institution UVA would be 100 times better off without frats.  I’d encourage anybody to walk down Rugby Road on a Saturday night, and then again on a Sunday morning through the piles of vomit and broken glass, to make their own decisions.

And even if the story was entirely made up (which nobody knows) you’d think grown men would be a little less gleeful about (an incredibly rare) false rape accusation involving a traumatized young woman.

But the math goes like this: if even a single woman has ever fabricated a rape or assault story, then all rape accusations are fatally suspect.

Because, rape culture.

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