Holidays In The Sun

According to the JoongAng Daily, more South Koreans are opting for long-term, “slow” vacations to Jeju Island:

“According to the data analyzed by Shinhan Card, families made up of people in their 30s and 40s are leading the trend of remaining in Jeju for a month. What motivates these young parents to move to the island is a desire ‘to become a better father or mother.’

Almost all the mothers who stayed in Jeju for a month said they wanted to spend quality time with their kids before they grow up.

Kwon, the mother who stayed in Jeju after quitting her job, recalled, ‘I think I ran, ran and ran with my child when I was living in Jeju … We stopped by any beach and pasture whenever we found out nice-looking places. We swam and ran together all day long.’”

Europeans used to four weeks of vacation time scoff at pitiful Americans who usually only get two.  And when Americans like me move to South Korea, we’re shocked to find that a lot of Koreans are lucky to even get two days guaranteed vacation time in a year.  So the “slow travel” trend is kind of interesting, but also kind of confusing to me — most of my Korean friends (in their 30’s and 40’s) can only dream of taking an entire month off.

The article also mentions a uniquely South Korean aspect to all this — the “goose father” who stays in Seoul slaving away for The Man, sending money to his wife and children and visiting on the weekend when he can.

The “Advanced Conversation” tag indicates an article I used with my adult students for discussion.

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