Buseok Temple (Buseoksa)






After six years in South Korea, you’d think I might be a bit temple’d out.  I’ve been to big ones, small ones, ones with amazing rivers running through them, and even ones where Buddha left his begging bowl.  I don’t get tired of them though.  The best ones are really a complete experience, and a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather.  It’s even worth re-visiting temples during different seasons — they take on a totally different aura based on the colors of the surrounding trees and mountains.





Historically, Buseoksa is famous for having the second oldest wooden building in Korea.  It was founded by a guy named Uisang, famous for going to China to study and breaking a girl’s heart.  As he got on a boat back to Korea, she jumped into the ocean and transformed into a dragon to protect him on the trip home.

But the best part of Buseoksa are the incredible mountain views.


Buseoksa is named after this “floating rock” behind the temple proper.









A cool thing you can do at most temples is leave a few bucks and write a message on a roof tile.


The Bak family is in good shape, karmically.

Overall, Buseoksa is a fantastic place for a weekend getaway.  Add in a little hike at Huibang Falls and you’ve got a great weekend set up.


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