Documenting The Atrocities

This is hilarious.  And by hilarious, I mean tragic.  And by tragic, I mean fucking moronic.

Apparently, the macho SEAL dude who blew out Osama bin Laden’s brains came in to give the struggling Washington [Name Redacted] a pep talk.

How’d that work out for ya?

“So of course, in the very first play out of the game, Griffin took the snap out of the shotgun, looked left, and passed a ball to Niles Paul. Paul bobbled it into the air and directly into the hands of Bucs linebacker Danny Lansanah. Because Tampa Bay sucks, they couldn’t take advantage of the short field, and ended up settling for a field goal.

After trading punts, Washington got the ball back on their four-yard line. On third down, Griffin dropped back, and threw a pass that was tipped by Buccaneers linebacker Mason Foster directly into the hands of corner Johnthan Banks, who rumbled into the endzone to give Tampa Bay the 10-0 lead.”

The Redskins were, of course, crushed 27-7 by the second-worst team in the league.

So basically, 20 pounds of fail in a five pound bag.

And Robert Griffin is going to make Ryan Leaf look like John Elway.

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