“We got thrown out of there!”

Sonic Highways, interviews with Ian MacKaye and Bad Brains

I haven’t liked anything involving Dave Grohl since about 1993 or so.  I can’t just passively let the Foo Fighters go — their over-polished riffage makes my skin crawl.  The fact that it takes them three guitarists to accomplish what other bands do with one makes it all the worse.

That said, I’ve started watching his series of city-based music documentaries on HBO, Sonic Highways, and they’re great so far.  I’ve seen Austin, Chicago, Nashville, and the clip above is from my hometown of DC.

My only gripe is that they didn’t snag Kathleen Hanna or Ian Svenonius for interviews.

The thought of a bunch of kids watching H.R. record vocals in a backyard in suburban Arlington, Virginia should make anybody smile.

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One Response to “We got thrown out of there!”

  1. Aria says:

    Word. Ian Svenonius is great to interview and an overall good guy. Always enjoyed running into the guy.

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