So, Interstellar… (Here Be Spoilers)

1) At times, Nolan plays a sort of rote, slavish homage to Kubrick’s 2001, belying a lack of fresh ideas. It’s painful to watch.

2) At times, Nolan plays a sort of weirdly idiosyncratic homage to Kubrick’s 2001. belying a lack of understanding of what Kubrick was trying to accomplish visually with 2001. It’s painful to watch.

3) The super robots of the future spend half their time fully networked with their surrounding space ship. The other half of the time, usually when we only have seconds to live, they must rely on their little robot hands to physically and frantically push the red “WARNING DANGER WARNING” button. Interesting. Maybe always stay networked and pay your wifi bills, super robots of the future?

4) Of the four astronauts sent to save humanity, two are basically red-shirts.

5) I’ll admit Nolan handles time travel better than most (“LET’S GO BACK AND CHANGE EVERYTHING!”) but there are still some huge plot holes that make no fucking sense. Then again, the space-time continuum would probably collapse if Nolan ever made a film that didn’t contain at least three huge plot holes.

6) The only inhabitable planet in the universe for humans, other than Earth, appears to be on the outskirts of Flagstaff, Arizona.

That said, well, I really enjoyed it. You just have to kind of turn off certain logic-parts of your brain when you watch a Nolan flick. Without really strong acting performances all around this could have been the best worst sci-fi disaster ever made. And actually, being the jerk that I am, I was sort of rooting for a trainwreck. Alas, we get a flawed but generally well-made three hour, kinda bloated, kinda pretentious, but kinda fun and kinda touching film.

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