Terrible Horrible No Good

Cat and dog “pet cafes” are a thing in South Korea, but unfortunately some entrepreneurs are stepping up their game with sheep, snake, and, ahem, raccoon versions:

“The establishment’s official name is Bonita Di Cafe, but it usually goes by ‘raccoon cafe,’ named after the animals raised by the owner.

The nocturnal creatures try to spend most of the day sleeping, but many visitors to the cafe bother them by taking photos with them. Many also lure the raccoons with sugary treats, offering them spoonfuls of patbingsu (a sugary shaved ice dessert) or chocolate chip cookies.

‘I’ve been to many cat and dog cafes but I felt awful when I went to this cafe because of the way people treat the animals,’ said Ahn Ji-eun, a college student, who visited Bonita Di Cafe recently.”

In addition to the obvious public health risks, it sure would be nice if South Korea could step into the 21st century when it comes to the treatment and welfare of animals.  Obviously, it’s nice to hear that some people find this whole concept to be as outrageously offensive as it is.

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