Living The Dream

Yesterday I taught two college courses from two to six p.m.  I was in one of the older buildings on campus that happens to overlook a group of tennis courts that also function as public areas for university events.

Every spring we have an annual school festival, but due to the Sewol tragedy we moved it into fall.

So there’s a stage set up and for some fucking reason they scheduled an “Idol Star” singing contest to start at — wait for it — two p.m.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t teach at the most academically inclined institution, but having to teach while my classroom was literally shaking from the booming sound of the P.A. echoing the most godawful screeching I’ve ever heard pretty much solidified my decision to move on to another school next year.  This certainly hasn’t been the only incident, but rather the delightful cherry on top of a fail sundae.

I mean, everybody has bad days teaching but I can’t continue on in good faith at a school that pretty much does what it can to actively thwart my (quite modest) goals in the classroom.

And for the umpteenth time, why not do this shit on a Saturday, Korea?

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