Give Me All The Nomz

food street

Daegu, South Korea.

There are a bunch of little alleys between Daegu Station and the “nice” shopping district of Dongseongno.  This one particular street, which my Korean friend simply calls “Food Street,” is basically a line of about ten different “snack” restaurants (no rice!).  It’s basically my favorite place to eat in South Korea.

You stroll down the line here and the various food ladies yell at you to come into their (quite tiny) restaurants.  No pressure!

The food is amazing — I joked that it’s kind of like Korean tapas.  Each dish was 3,000 won ($2.50) and that black bowl filled with red pepper paste was free.

food street 2

food street 3

Picture number two is gimbap (Korean sushi, kinda), fish cakes in pepper sauce (a Daegu thing — usually they come in a clear broth), and “flat” dumplings (another Daegu thing).

Number three is a plate of blood sausage and pig liver (soondae).  It’s so fucking good, served with a little pile of orange salt.

I promise, I had a salad for dinner.

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