“Tiger Beat Che Guevara”

I love it when a better writer than me manages to pinpoint what it is I hate about something and/or somebody.  In this case, the affable Mr. Bogg nails exactly what’s so loathsome about Russell Brand:

“The workings of the world are indeed complicated and political structures are not easily bent or changed, but it can happen although not fast enough for the  ‘why is TMZ loading so slowly!’ generation.  Voting, and not voting can bring about change. It’s the difference between seeing John Roberts and Strip Search Sammy Alito seated on the Supreme Court and two people with a slightly less corporatist worldview.

And if you want to start a revolution — and good luck with that if you think it will be grow from podcasting your complaints about how unfair the world is  — you need to start somewhere, and that is at the local level and then upward.  Conservatives knew that when they started packing school boards years ago, developing candidates who blossomed at right about the same time that the Tea Party suddenly appeared. They’ve worked themselves through the state legislatures and one need only take a look at some of the GOP candidates who might be elected on a national level in a few weeks to see how government can be made to work for you or against you or, as is current case: not at all.”

While British politics don’t quite map directly onto American ones, when somebody tells me they don’t vote I like to ask them which party is happier to hear that — Democrats, who tend to win when more people show up, or Republicans, who are actively working to rig things so that older, younger, darker, and poorer people can’t vote at all?

Future Supreme Court Justice Ted Cruz is happy to have your support.

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