Big Brother

Some background: KakaoTalk is a popular app which allows you to text people for free domestically or internationally.

Or at least it was, until recent fears over the South Korean government data mining from it, and KakaoTalk defiantly claiming it will no longer cooperate with authorities:

“Choi Hyun-ho, a law professor at Chungbuk National University, said the messenger developer cannot defy prosecutors’ warrants to tap into chat records according to the law and noted that the authorities can force their way into collecting personal information when necessary.

‘When there is a clash between one’s basic right and national security, it is an individual’s right that is subject to be limited,’ he said. ‘In this case, the prosecutors can forcibly obtain information by dispatching investigators to unlock the data storage because no one is above law.’

One media outlet projected that close to 1.8 million users have abandoned Kakao over the past month. When asked by the Korea JoongAng Daily to verify that figure, the tech giant yesterday neither confirmed nor denied it.”

Compared to most South Koreans, I’m practically a Luddite — I still rock a 2G flip-phone (although I love my iPad).  But it’s interesting to see how fears of government surveillance almost directly parallel the debates over internet privacy in America.

Note: “Advanced Conversation” tag indicates articles I have used or will use to teach my Advanced Level adult class.

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One Response to Big Brother

  1. justkirsty says:

    Not even just that— kakao talk has so many ads that you don’t want to use it anymore! I keep deleting it

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