No Easy Answers

It’s really easy to judge the parenting decisions made by others, especially when I don’t have any children myself, and frankly probably never will.

That said, what Adrian Peterson did to his child(ren) did was horrible.  That sort of physical abuse leading to bleeding, let alone scarring, is beyond the pale.

That said, there are specific historical and cultural reasons that African Americans tend to have a higher tolerance for the corporal punishment of children than white folks, and it has everything to do with murdered black kids like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin:

“White children in general are raised to be Columbus, to ‘discover’ the world anew and then to manipulate and order the universe to their own liking. If we take away the colonizing impulse in living this way, I think it would be amazing to have the luxury of raising black children who also view the world as a space of their own making, a space to be explored, a space to build anew. A space where occasionally, simply because you live there, you can opt to walk in the middle of the street instead of being confined to the sidewalk, much as you might sling your leg across the arm of a chair in your own home, because it is home.

But for so many black children, these kinds of frivolous choices will get you killed or locked up. For black children, finding disciplinary methods that instill a healthy sense of fear in a world that is exceptionally violent toward them is a hard balance to find.”

To apply your own inviolate standards of (white) parenting to Peterson is to deny hundreds of years of history, let alone current events in Florida and Missouri.

Adrian Peterson needs counseling, but he shouldn’t lose his career over this.

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One Response to No Easy Answers

  1. Niall says:

    The nearly God-like powers many libs ascribe to whites almost amuses me. They portray whites (like themselves) as being so powerful in the world as to deny non-whites their own free will, as though they were just cogs fulfilling predetermined roles in the white man’s omnipotent schemes. I doubt even most skinheads would take it that far.

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