Snowpiercer Is A Cold Mess

Finally saw Snowpiercer on the plane here and, well, I was really hoping it would be great.

But it’s a total mess.

And frankly, not that interesting of one in a potentially weirdo-cult kind of way.

First off — without Tilda Swinton camping it up, I’d probably have stopped watching about an hour in.  She’s amazing as always and while she’s the only character who brings life to the film, she also feels paradoxically under-utilized.

Members of the good guys trying to fight their way to the “head” of the train start dying off real quickly, and you simply don’t care.  They are simply part of the body count.  The main guy (Chris Evans) broods thoroughly enough, but his performance is the cinematic equivalent of a place-holder — the tortured handsome loner badass.

Two Korean actors show up for literally no good reason other than giving a translator and a sub-titler a little bit of work.  (I’d be willing to bet this film would have been ten times better with an all-Korean cast. The English dialogue is limp at best, and the use of a multi-lingual cast just feels forced, confused, and purposeless.)

And for whatever interesting things in terms of premise and visual style that are accomplished, ending with a magical negro boy is the height of cliche.

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