“humorless golfbots that they are”

Re: the Washington Borderline Offensive Moniker For Native Americans, Drew Magary brings the pain:

 “All of the on-field fuckups noted above don’t begin to hint at the Redskins’ overall suckiness. This is the worst organization in professional sports. It’s not even close. The owner is a disgusting, repulsive man. His underlings are worse. The local media are bought and paid subservient bootlickers. And the fans—humorless golfbots that they are—fall in line like fucking sheep, every single year. Can you name any other franchise in any sport that requires its own propaganda arm? The Redskins are a mad king who has locked himself inside a castle turret. It wouldn’t shock me if everyone at Redskin Park turned out to be syphilitic. They are DISEASED.”

Completely, abso-fucking-lutely, 100 percent true, except I don’t play golf.

And yes, I remain a fan for some reason.

Although if Dan Snyder and Peter Angelos ever got on a small jet together, I’d pray for a hail storm.  I’m only human.

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