Perpetual Bedwetters

I can remember way back in mid 2014 when Imperial Emperor Obama was going all Darth Vader on the United States and acting without due deference to the wise Republican meisters of the Republican House of Completely Neutral and Impartial Representatives on things like immigration reform and suggesting that white Americans not shoot so many unarmed black kids.

But alas, in actually trying to think through serious policy decisions in the Middle East and Ukraine that will make long-lasting, if not permanent, changes to the status of five out of seven continents that may or may not involve actual nuclear strikes, he is Feckless McWeaky Pants.

Of course, both narratives are bullshit, as always:

“It’s a wonderful illustration of the emptiness of much Beltway foreign-policy-speak. McCain and Graham want Obama to act both ‘deliberately’ and ‘urgently’ because they’re both happy words. (As opposed to ‘lethargically’ and ‘rashly,’ which are nastier synonyms for the same thing.) But when you translate these uplifting abstractions into plain English, you see how contradictory McCain and Graham’s demands actually are. You can either demand that Obama not bomb Syria until he’s ensured he has a plan likely to win international and congressional support, or you can demand that he bomb as soon as possible. You can’t demand both.”

The simple fact is that Republicans hate Obama (or Clinton, or any Democratic president) more than they actually support foreign or domestic policies that actually benefit the United States, let alone the world.

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