Mr. Inch, Meet Mr. Mile

Classic: over the five (!) years I’ve worked at this here college in South Korea, I’ve generally been happy to take on extra work in the form of helping to edit (let’s be honest — rewrite) various letters and press releases and abstracts from the actual Ph.D. professors who teach here.

Happy to help!

But the word is out now.  I was recently asked if I could edit an entire book.  Oh, and could I do it on a Sunday?  And oh, not a single mention of any sort of pay.

Time to have a talk with the boss, who I have to say will probably take my side in this.  When he gives me extra stuff to do there’s an implicit understanding that I’m helping him get stuff done.  If more and more of the other profs feel bold enough to throw stuff in my lap that kinda-sorta threatens our relationship.

And yeah, it sure would be nice if one of the other foreign English teachers would step up.

Anyhow, excited for vacation in August.

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