#Free Palestine

Mehdi Hasan on the ongoing slaughter of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces:

“Trying to hide Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians behind, say, Syria’s barrel bombs, China’s forced labour camps or Russia’s persecution of gays won’t wash. After all, on what grounds did we ‘single out’ apartheid South Africa in the 1980s for condemnation and boycott? Weren’t there other, more dictatorial regimes in Africa at the time, those run by black Africans such as Mengistu in Ethiopia or Mobutu in Zaire? Did we dare excuse the crimes of white Afrikaners on this basis?”

And of course:

“Which other country is in receipt of $3bn a year in US aid, despite maintaining a 47-year military occupation in violation of international law? Which other country has been allowed to develop and stockpile nuclear weapons in secret?”

If only more Americans would wake up to the fact that this isn’t just a slaughter, it’s one that our tax dollars are directly paying for.

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One Response to #Free Palestine

  1. Sally says:

    It makes me sick. My Jewish friends’ constant (biased) posts about it make me sicker.

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