Jesus Christ, What An. . .

This kind of blows my mind a little bit.  Upon returning to South Korea, a crowd of people basically told the men’s national team to go fuck themselves:

“But as they exited the airport at around 5 a.m., about 200 fans greeted the players and coaching staff and waited for Coach Hong to begin a press briefing while his squad lined up next to him for a photo.

At that moment, the team became the target of a volley of pumpkin yeot (Korean taffy) thrown by a small group of fans yelling ‘Eat yeot!’ and ‘Shame on you!’ Some of them also held signs, one of which read ‘Korean football is dead.’ Fortunately, their bad aim meant no Korean team member was struck by the candy.

In Korean, the phrase ‘eat yeot’ is an offensive slur equivalent to ‘screw you,’ which originated in the 1960s when students protested against the Education Ministry over a question on their school exam regarding how the taffy is made.”

Um, guys?  South Korea qualified out of traditionally one of the weakest geographic regions in soccer.  They are comparable to powerhouses (not) like Iran and Australia.

I understand passion for sports, but what a cruddy way to treat your national squad.

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