Neymar’s Ugly-Ass Hair

Chile had it and they blew it.  Only themselves to blame.

That said, it’s funny how little sleep I’ve been getting.  I’m lucky that the World Cup began when my semester ended.  I had a ton of grading to do last week, and my god I hate grading, but at least it’s something that doesn’t require a lot of energy or creativity (as opposed to, say, teaching).

This week my students will log into the university computer system and see if they’re happy with their final grade.  They have a two-day window to call me and beg/cajole/rant/cry about why I should give them a higher mark.

Good times.

As for tonight’s game, my brain says Holland but my heart says Mexico.  I know they’re dreaded rivals of the U.S., but I’m just happy to see three CONCACAF squads going strong.

I can’t stay up until 5 a.m. for Costa Rica, but they absolutely have to beat Greece.  I’d be willing to bet actual cash money on that.

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